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Sometimes people or even animals can touch your heart in a way you can never comprehend until they are gone. A dear friend passed the other day. Buddy was the best dog anyone could ever ask for. He wasn’t even my dog, but anyone that met him loved him as if he was their own. He loved road trips, treats, squirrel chasing and a good hike.

 My favorite memory of Buddy is when he used to snort like a little piggy, it was half purr, half snort and the sweetest little noise you ever heard out of a big dog. I would call him “Silks”, it was one of his nicknames and came from the fact that he had a beautiful silky smooth coat. He was a good ol’ boy who lived a long and happy life full of adventure and love.

I love you Buddy, you will be missed.


Images: 1. Buddy on a road trip to the California coast. 2. Buddy at my house, the only dog I ever met that would actually lie down while eating.