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I am obsessed with the perfection of a well-made bed. I still make my bed each morning because I swear you sleep better at night when you get into a bed that has been made. I love diving into a mound of goose down pillows on my ultra comfy pillow-top mattress. I admit, I am a bit like The Princess and the Pea. My favorite day of the week is without a doubt clean sheet day. Nothing beats crisp clean white sheets.  It is one of those small things that makes life seem so much more luxurious.

This fabulous space is The Garden Court Hotel in Palo Alto. They have newly designed rooms by Spanish interior designer, Pablo Paniagua. Love.

I don’t know if it’s the change of season or a wave of exhaustion but I seem to not want to get out of bed these past few days.  The cool and foggy mornings in the forest have me hitting the snooze and wishing that I could lay in bed all day.

Sweet Dreams.


Images Via Flickr, La Dolce Vita, The Design Files.