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Wedding Planning 101

Wedding planning can be totally intimidating.  My advice is to take a deep breath, relax and try really hard to enjoy this time.  This should be fun and excting. It might be overwhelming and complicated at times, but the most important thing to remember is the big picture.  YOU ARE GETTING MARRIED!

There are going to be so many decisions to make; the dress, the venue, researching photographers, florists, and caterers.  You first must decide together what you want the day to be like.  Will it be a formal or casual affair? Do you want a band, or a DJ? Roses or Peonies? A buffet or a sit down dinner? Just take it one step at a time, crossing things off your to-do list a you go.

You will have lots of outside opinions, advice and “help”, even if you didn’t solicit it.  Just remember to stay true to yourself – this is your day, and no one else’s.  Kindly accept the advice, but don’t feel the need to take it.

 I recommend getting some bridal magazines and reading a few wedding blogs.  This is the perfect place to start. Let these images and ideas be inspiration for you. Think about the weddings you have been to before. What made them great?  After you have an idea about what kind of day you want, you can start thinking about all the little details.

Stay tuned for all sorts of tips, tricks and inside scoop on wedding planning…

Cheers to your perfect happily ever after.


Images via Tumblr, JL Designs, Flickr, Pintrest, Gina Kolsrud Photography