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One of my true loves in life is gardening.  I have a serious green thumb and feel that nothing is more fulfilling than growing your own food.  Watching a plant through all its stages of growth is so amazing.  Although the sun isn’t as intense as I would wish this far North, I have still managed to grow an impressive garden this year.

I have a few tips for growing a bountiful garden.  Plants are seriously resilient and need only a few things to really thrive.

Sun – at least 8 good hours

Water – It is hard to over water an outdoor garden in the summer.  If you live in a relatively moderate climate a good watering every other day will suffice.  If you live where the temperatures are average 80 degrees or more, watering everyday will be necessary.

Good Soil – A good rich soil is a strong foundation for your plants to stand on.  I like to use an organic soil with a mixture of both chicken manure and mushroom compost and a bit of perlite to increase the aeration in the soil.

Food – Just like all living things, plants will do best when you feed them.  You don’t have to take this step, but if you want to impress your friends and make all your neighbors jealous I strongly recommend this step.  For the vegetative growth stage of your plants (this is before any fruit starts to grow, about the first month or so after you have planted) I recommend an all natural organic fertilizer with nitrogen, which will give the plants the boost they need to develop. For the flowering stage you should change the food to one that enhances the amount of and size of fruit. A fertilizer with potassium and phosphorus works well.

Happy Gardening!